Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 Membership Letter and Agreement

Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation 

The mission of the Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation (SVEDC) is to promote economic development in the Silver Valley.  Our goal is to improve the economic quality of life and the standard of living for the people of the Silver Valley.  At present, our major focus is to grow job opportunities from within our geographical region and local primary industry employers, but at the same time pursue potential external recruitment opportunities that might emerge.  As adequate road and utility Infrastructure, housing, and workforce development are mandatory for growth in primary industry businesses, we have taken a lead in providing solutions to shortfalls in those areas of Community Development.  For the business owners that we cannot help by any of these means, our focus is to increase the standard of living thereby providing more disposable income, which we believe will ultimately help any employer or business in the Silver Valley. 

We believe that with the effort of a united Silver Valley, we can and will have increased prosperity.  The SVEDC Board of Directors, our membership, and I are inviting you to invest in the probability of a better day for all Valley residents.  This investment will be utilized in meeting expenses that arise out of our endeavors to build jobs in the Silver Valley.  The enclosed Partnership Agreement sets forth suggested investment amounts.  These are only suggestions.  Please feel free to pledge as you see fit, but by all means invest in the future of our Silver Valley

Please fill out the enclosed Partnership Agreement and mail or deliver the investment to SVEDC.  If you have any questions concerning this request for your membership, feel free to contact me, or any Board member.  Thank you for caring about the future of the Silver Valley. 

We are looking forward to working with you on building a better future for all of us!


Marlene Martin, President
Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation

2016 Membership Agreement



Mailing address_____________________________________________________________________





Please check the applicable category and attach a check in the appropriate amount
Major Utility_____________        Bank_________________              Minor Utility___________________
Non-Profit_______________       Member-at-large_______            Per Number of Employees________
Suggested Investment
                                TYPE                                                                                                                      AMOUNT
                Major Utility                                                                                                      $2,500
                                Bank                                                                                                                        1,500
                                Minor Utility                                                                                                        1,200
                                Non-Profits                                                                                                             500
                                Member-at-large (individual)                                                                         50                     
If Not Listed Above
                                NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES                                                                               AMOUNT
                                1-3                                                                                                                             $120
                                4-10                                                                                                                            240
                                11-20                                                                                                                          360
                                21-49                                                                                                                          480
                                50 or more                                                                                                               600

Please make check payable to: 
Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation
703 Cedar Street, Wallace, Idaho  83873

Monday, November 2, 2015

Idaho Teachers Encouraged To Apply For Science Education Grants

Please pass the word about the availability of two different kinds of science grants for public and private schools and for teachers. Details are provided in the INL news release The application period opens today and closes on December 15, 2015.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Silver Valley Economic Development Director

Hello, my name is Loren Whitten-Kaboth and I am the new Silver Valley Economic Development Director for Shoshone County!  Today is my forth day on the job, so I thought it was time to introduce myself.  Please check out today's newspaper article with the Shoshone News Press to read a little bit more, as a wonderful article was written on page 8/9. Just click on "Today's Paper" to open up the article.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Employers value soft skills

Are you wondering how important your soft skills are in getting and keeping a job?   Check out this blog post from Idaho Department of Labor:  

Employers value soft skills

West Silver Valley Citizens Advisory Meeting - Air Quality

The West Silver Valley Citizens Advisory Committee is announcing their next meeting scheduled for Thursday May 21, 2015 at the Panhandle Health District Office, 114 W. Riverside Ave., Kellogg from 6 PM – 7 PM.

Committee members will continue their work to develop an air quality improvement plan aimed at helping the area attain compliance with air quality standards. Members will report back to the group on assignments to develop a Facebook page, logo and costs for outreach materials undertaken at the last meeting in April. 

Discussions will continue on potential emission reduction measures for the area as well as developing key messages and stratigies for community outreach and education.

Click here for the agenda.  

For more information, contact Ralph Paul at (208) 666-4609 or 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thanks from SVEDC Dual Credit Scholarship awardees

The Silver Valley Economic Development Corp - North Idaho College Dual Credit Scholarship was established in 2005 to provide financial assistance to high school students in Shoshone County.

Because dual credit students are not eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid, the scholarship was established to support Silver Valley students with their education. Without this financial assistance, many of these students would not be able to enroll in dual credit courses.  

The Silver Valley community stepped up and helped purchase books, pay lab fees and tuition.  Here are some of the thank you notes from students who received assistance: 

  • This scholarship will help me by allowing me to get a head start on my Chemistry degree. Thank you very much for the opportunity to receive this scholarship!  It means a lot to receive the extra help in pursuing my goals.
  • Thank you so much!  I would never have had the opportunity to take this class if it wasn't for this scholarship.  I am so grateful! 
  • This helps me get a head start and pay less. Thank you greatly! This scholarship is truly a blessing.
  • This scholarship means a lot to me because my dad just got a new job and it doesn't pay as much as his last job.  Without this scholarship I may have had to drop the class. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

EPA launches new website to help communities improve environmental quality and public health

WASHINGTON – As part of a commitment to making a visible difference in communities, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new website to help local officials and community members find information for improving the environment, public health and quality of life.  Developed with input from local, state and federal partners, the Community Resources website provides access to resources that span the range of local concerns – from environmental regulatory compliance to economic revitalization to public health and environmental justice. 

“As a former local official, I know firsthand the challenges communities face in juggling responsibilities and navigating multiple information sources,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “That’s why I’m pretty excited about this new resource. It’s just one of many ways EPA is looking to support local officials and community members who are working every day to build a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future.”

The Community Resources website leverages information from three existing community-oriented resources:
·               The Local Government Environmental Assistance Network, managed in partnership with the International City / County Management Association, provides information on environmental compliance and stewardship.
·               The National Resource Network, established by HUD as part of the Obama Administration’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative, offers practical solutions to help communities pursue economic development and growth.
·               The EPA Community Health site can help users learn about and improve local environmental health conditions.
EPA plans to add new information over time to better meet local needs.  Visitors can provide feedback via a link on the main page.

To access the Community Resources website: