June Meeting

Thank you for your support of the SVEDC website.  We appreciate your use of the comment box and in completing the surveys.  Join the discussion on Facebook and/or continue to leave your comments here about what you would like to see from your Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation.


SVEDC has teamed up with LinkIdaho to do a broadband assessment in the Silver Valley. The Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation in partnership with LinkIDAHO is conducting a survey to identify the
broadband Internet needs in our area. We want to know what we have and what more is required to support the needs of residents and businesses in the Silver valley. For students and education, broadband Internet access is increasingly important to access information, classes and educational resources. We have been gathering data via this survey and will continue through the month of June.

The home/residential survey is available at:  http://idahodashboard.org/residential-survey. If you have additional ideas about how we can outreach to parents and students in the area, please let us know. We are outreaching to businesses through the Chambers of Commerce.  The business survey can be found at: http://idahodashboard.org/business-survey.  The number of people filling out the survey so far is okay.  We really need to get more folks to accept this 5 minute challenge.  The more accurately we understand what we have as it regards broadband the more likely we are to come up with an appropriate solution and the more feedback we have the better the outcome.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey – thanks to all who have already done so!


Our June SVEDC Board Meeting will be held this coming Tuesday, June 18, 8:00 am at The 1313 Club in Wallace.  Please feel free to attend – everyone is welcomed!!

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