Monday, December 21, 2015

The mission of the Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation (SVEDC) is to promote economic development in the Silver Valley.  Our goal is to improve the economic quality of life and the standard of living for the people of the Silver Valley.  At present, our major focus is to grow job opportunities from within our geographical region and local primary industry employers, but at the same time pursue potential external recruitment opportunities that might emerge.  As adequate road and utility Infrastructure, housing, and workforce development are mandatory for growth in primary industry businesses, we have taken a lead in providing solutions to shortfalls in those areas of Community Development.  For the business owners that we cannot help by any of these means, our focus is to increase the standard of living thereby providing more disposable income, which we believe will ultimately help any employer or business in the Silver Valley. 

We believe that with the effort of a united Silver Valley, we can and will have increased prosperity.  The SVEDC Board of Directors, our membership, and I are inviting you to invest in the probability of a better day for all Valley residents.  This investment will be utilized in meeting expenses that arise out of our endeavors to build jobs in the Silver Valley.  The enclosed Partnership Agreement sets forth suggested investment amounts.  These are only suggestions.  Please feel free to pledge as you see fit, but by all means invest in the future of our Silver Valley

Please fill out the enclosed Partnership Agreement and mail or deliver the investment to SVEDC.  If you have any questions concerning this request for your membership, feel free to contact me, or any Board member.  Thank you for caring about the future of the Silver Valley. 

We are looking forward to working with you on building a better future for all of us!


Marlene Martin, President
Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation

Silver Valley Economic Development
703 Cedar Street, Wallace ID 83873
208/752-5511 office

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