The goal of Silver Valley Economic Development is to improve the economic quality of life and standard of living for the people of the Silver valley.  Our major focus is to create living wage job opportunities by helping our local primary industry employers grow.  A gain in living wage jobs means people have more money to spend locally.   Your investment will help support an economic development program dedicated to the economic quality of life and standard of living for the people of the Silver alley.  SVEDC has the current priorities:

  • Improving access to broadband bandwidth to support education, business and personal needs
  • Development of a long term strategic plan to grow local businesses and education opportunities
  • Partner with Idaho Departments of Commerce and Labor to assist business start-ups, business expansion, and company re-location
  • Create an employee pipeline to attract and retain talent
  • Work with municipalities when grant/funding opportunities or projects become available 
It is vital that we maintain an economically viable organization that can sustain this effort, and for this we need your financial support. The SVEDC board believes that we can and will have increased prosperity.   We are an organization dedicated to helping our Valley’s economy grow into the future.  Our 2015 membership campaign begins this month.  Your investment will be used in meeting operating expenses that arise out of our endeavors to build jobs in the Silver Valley. 

Please take a moment to consider becoming a partner with us.  It is easy to become a member.  Complete the SVEDC membership application and return the address listed below:


703 Cedar Street, Wallace, Idaho 83873

Click here for the SVEDC Strategic Plan - Created FY2015

The Silver Valley is home to seven incorporated communities bisected by the Interstate 90 Corridor and nestled in the Coeur d’Alene River Valley of Idaho’s beautiful northern Panhandle. We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources.  Water, Electricity, Natural Gas, and Broadband Utilities are available and reasonably priced. Our area is also capable of providing “build to suit” options for new or expanding business.


Our investment in Human Capital has provided an available and cost-effective workforce. From basic labor to skilled craftsmen and professional engineers, the Silver Valley’s workforce is eager, ready and waiting to fulfill the demands of a growing business. Need specialized employee training? We have the means to satisfy that need. Idaho’s Workers Compensation rates are among the lowest in the United States. Since the national economic downturn of 2008, our areas unemployment rate generally hovers between 11 and 14 percent.


Transportation connections link us to the world via the Interstate 90 Corridor. Major trucking service is locally available, rail services are provided through Burlington Northern Santa Fe Lines in Spokane, Washington (70 miles west on I-90) and the Port of Lewiston provide us with great flexibility in serving national and international customers. Business travelers have access to all major US destinations from Spokane International Airport.


Unbeatable quality of life and recreation go hand-in-hand with a growing and diversifying business community. A small town atmosphere with big economic opportunities, the Silver valley offers affordable housing and land pricing to make your move affordable. An excellent local school system and low crime rates make the region a positive and productive atmosphere in which to raise a family. The opportunities for family through recreation and education continue to grow in the Silver Valley. Whether it is a college level educational course provided by our satellite NIC campus, the ability to commute 10 miles in 10 minutes, or the availability of world class outdoor recreational opportunities within walking distance, we have it now! We pride ourselves on providing a safe family environment.


In a region blessed with natural resource wealth, the Silver Valley’s most important resource is our children. Accordingly, you will find this region to be extremely supportive of our educational system and very conscious of the well being our children deserve.


Yes, the Silver Valley is an area rich in outdoor recreation, it offers a safe family environment, a very reasonable standard of living, our children matter, and we are hungry for economic diversification. I invite you to come see us!


Marlene Martin, Alpine Constructors, Inc - President

James McMillan, McMillan Law - Vice President
Jennifer Stovern, First American Title- Treasurer
Kathy Zanetti, Zanetti Bros - Secretary

Andy Helkey, Panhandle Health District
Gina Doerschel, Columbia Bank
Dan Martinsen, Shoshone County Planning & Zoning /Building Department
Duane Little, (Retired) Shoshone County Assessor
James Roletto, Enrico Consulting
Jeff Colburn, Silver Mountain
Jerry Brantz, Shoshone Medical Center
Jesse Butler, Avista
Brenda Hamilton, North Idaho College
Frank Durham, Coldwell Banker
Jon Cantamessa, Retired
Karen Maravilla, Kingston Water Dist.
Cheri Bayer, US Silver & Gold
Wally Jacobson, Panhandle Area Council - Ex Officio

  • Advanced Benefits
    Tracy Yost - Consultant
    1299 W. Riverstone Dr., Ste. 200
    Coeur d’Alene, ID  83814

    Alpine Constructors, Inc.
    Teral Ellis - President
    PO Box 668
    Pinehurst, ID  83850

    Alpine Services
    Marlene Martin – Owner
    PO Box 557

    Pinehurst, ID  83850

    Avista Corp.
    Jesse Butler
    120 Hill St
    Kellogg Operations Mgr.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Beamis Oil LLC

    PO Box 250
    Kingston, ID  83839

    Building Maintenance & Supply, Inc.

    716 Bank Street
    Wallace, ID  83873

    Enrico / HMH Engineering
    James Roletto – Senior Project Mgr.
    602 Cedar St.
    Wallace, ID 83837

    First American Title
    Jennifer Stovern – V.P. County Mgr.
    2 E. Mullan Ave
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    H. F. Magnuson & Company

    PO Box 169

    Wallace, ID  83873

    Hecla Limited Lucky Friday Unit

    PO Box 31

    Mullan, ID  83846

    Kellogg Moving & Storage
    Terry Douglas - Owner
    106 S. Elm St.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Kellogg Plastics LTD, Inc.
    Don Rumpel - Owner
    113 E. Main St
    Smelterville, ID  83868

    Magnuson Hospitality Group
    Rick Shaffer – General Manager
    PO Box 867
    Wallace, ID 83873

    Michael F. Peacock, PC
    Michael f. Peacock – Attorney
    123 McKinley Ave.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Rossi Insurance

    602 Bank St.
    Wallace, ID  838573

    Shoshone County, Idaho

    700 Bank St.
    Wallace, ID  83873

    Shoshone Funeral Service
    Debbie Mikesell - Owner
    106 S. Main St.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Shoshone Glass Inc.
    Lori & Kerry Sawyer - Owners
    132 W. Cameron Ave.
    Kellogg, ID 83837

    Shoshone Medical Center
    Jerry Brantz – CEO/CFO
    25 Jacobs Gulch
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Silver Legacy Realty
    Karen Hulstrom - Owner
    517 Bunker Ave
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Silver Mountain Resort
    Jeff Colburn – Operations Mgr.
    610 Bunker Ave.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Mallory Phillips – Coordinator
    10 E. Station Ave.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Silver Valley Tire
    Frank Seatz -  President
    407 W. Cameron Ave.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Sundstrom Insurance Services, Inc.
    Leif Sundstrom - Owner
    6 Main St.
    Pinehurst, ID  83850

    U.S. Silver – Idaho, Inc.

    PO Box 440
    Wallace, ID  83837

    E-mail/Website address

    Wallace Chamber of Commerce
    Dave Copelan – Coordinator
    10 River St.
    Wallace, ID 83837

    Wayne L. Schoonmaker, CPA
    Wayne Schoonmaker - Owner
    PO Box 717
    Wallace, ID  83873

    West Valley Realty & Insurance
    Gail Haynes – Owner/Broker
    105 N Division St.
    Pinehurst, ID  83850

    Yoke’s Fresh Market
    Everett Jennings – Store Manager
    117 N Hill St.
    Kellogg, ID  83837

    Zanetti Bros., Inc.
    Herbert Zanetti - President
    301 E. Mullan Ave.
    Osburn, ID  83849

     Panhandle Health District
    Andy Helkey – Program Manager
    35 Wildcat Way
    Kellogg, ID  83837


    Silverline Computers

    Derek Furman - Owner

    Duane E. Little

    Kingston Water District
    Karen Maravilla – Secretary/Treasurer
    PO Box 127
    Kingston, ID  83839

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