What’s new in the Silver Valley?

2017 SVEDC MembershipThank you to our new members and renewing members.  Your support is very much appreciated and your logo should be seen on the SVEDC website.  If I don’t have your business logo, please email a .png or .jpg file to me If you would like to support SVEDC through a membership, please contact me, Loren Whitten-Kaboth @ 752-5511

2017 Board of Directors Welcome to new SVEDC directors.  For a complete list of board members and terms, click the following link: SVEDC membership page.

West Silver Valley Non-Attainment Citizens Advisory Committee:  You are invited to join us at the next West Silver Valley Non-Attainment Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting May 21 at 6 p.m., Panhandle Health, 114 Riverside, Kellogg, Idaho.  Contact Ralph Paul for information: 769-1422 or

Members of the CAC are working with Idaho DEQ on an EPA Targeted Air Shed Grant application to fund replacement wood stoves and improvements to residential energy efficiency in the non-attainment area. The grant also supports community education and outreach.      

Site Selection process and the Gem State Prospector platform: When out of state companies look for relocation possibilities they use the nationally recognized Zoom Prospector website to get demographic information, local workforce estimates, and site details such as location relative to interstates, rail and shipping, develop-able acreage, photos and existing utilities.  In Idaho Zoom Prospector is known as Gem State Prospector.  Companies use GSP to do their homework prior to contacting Idaho Commerce. 

In the Silver Valley we have few commercial/industrial listings in GSP so typically when I am contacted regarding a Site Selection, I check in with everyone on my mailing list for leads.  However the state is considering a rule change that will require use of GSP when responding to Site Selection inquiries to insure consistency.   When sites are not listed in GSP, varying data points are supplied, which makes it difficult for companies to compare sites.  Lack of Silver Valley sites in GSP makes it look like our community is not open for new business.   For more information about Gem State Prospector and how to list properties, please contact me. 

Business Resources
STEP Grants
Extension approved for your STATE Trade and export promotion (STEP) grant projects
Project period extension is now available for eligible International Trade Show projects starting October 1, 2017 and ending by October 30, 2017.  Extended grant funds may only be used for the allowable cost of booth space/registration fee.  Original match requirements still apply.  Two additional application review dates:
·         June 29, 2017
·         August 31, 2017

Community Resources
EPA Press Release: As part of a commitment to making a visible difference in communities, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new website to help local officials and community members find information for improving the environment, public health and quality of life.  Developed with input from local, state and federal partners, the Community Resources website provides access to resources that span the range of local concerns – from environmental regulatory compliance to economic revitalization to public health and environmental justice. 

“As a former local official, I know firsthand the challenges communities face in juggling responsibilities and navigating multiple information sources,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “That’s why I’m pretty excited about this new resource. It’s just one of many ways EPA is looking to support local officials and community members who are working every day to build a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future.”

 The Community Resources website leverages information from three existing community-oriented resources:
·   The Local Government Environmental Assistance Network, managed in partnership with the International City / County Management Association, provides information on environmental compliance and stewardship.
·      The National Resource Network, established by HUD as part of the Obama Administration’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative, offers practical solutions to help communities pursue economic development and growth.
·       The EPA Community Health site can help users learn about and improve local environmental health conditions.

EPA plans to add new information over time to better meet local needs.  Visitors can provide feedback via a link on the main page. 

Click here to access the Community Resources website.